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    Russian costume

    $ 1811.00

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    Ukranian costume

    $ 3886.00

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    Northern tribe costume

    $ 870.00

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    Oriental costume, Sheherazade

    $ 854.00

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    Spanish costume

    $ 3454.00

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    Russian costume

    $ 850.00

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    Ukranian costume

    $ 812.00

Folk dance costumes

Russian beauty, passionate Spaniard or a mysterious dancer from the East - who are you today? Folk costumes from Grishko Company will give you the opportunity of fabulous transformation on stage!

If you are charmed by folk dances, most likely this passion will be with you for a long time. How can anyone be indifferent to this exciting world of dance traditions? Folk dances –is a special attitude, a special rhythm and plastic. Due to the special atmosphere and authentic of folk costumes for dance, the viewer perceives better the traditions of other nations, it opens a new world, and all of us - the dancers and the audience - becomes a little closer in understanding each other.

Grishko folk dance costumes are chosen by professional dancers in whole world. Our secret is simple:

  • High-quality sewing
  • Good finishing and accessories
  • Wide range of models

We are pleased to offer you the following models of folk costumes for dance:

  • Russian costume
  • Ukrainian folk costume
  • Northern tribe costume
  • Oriental costume
  • Spanish costume

Among stated models, there are both male and female costumes. Stylization of Grishko traditional folk costumes allows you to create beautiful and aesthetically pleasing image that will look great on stage. Grishko folk costumes for dance is your success on the stage!

Grishko pointe shoes the shoes that are chosen by professionals.

In our Stage costumes catalogue you can find a lot of beautiful and professional ballet costumes for performance