About us

  The GrishkoShop is a young team of modern, dynamic and active people connected with the world of dance. We are a group of former dancers, teachers, researchers, shoe designers, physicians and sales persons.


  We have seriously and profoundly analyzed numerous dance articles manufactured by various companies so that we could offer our customers products of highest quality.


  On the year of 2000 the GrishkoShop (former DanceChoice) concluded an agreement with the Grishko Ltd. on our general representation of its products in the Internet. We place orders at Grishko Ltd. factories, therefore, we can guarantee you receipt of authentic Grishko products from the GrishkoShop subsidiary in Moscow.


   We have assumed an obligation to sell Grishko products at reasonable prices and make them accessible even in the most away corners of the earth.


   Our goal is not just to offer our customers quality products, but to offer them a product which would completely satisfied their highest demands and help them fully express their creative potential.