Choosing and buying tango shoes

Choosing and buying tango shoes

Tango came from Argentine and this passionate dance does not leave us unmoved. Dance couples perform wearing beautiful dancewear and a special type of shoe. You should choose women’s tango shoes very carefully.

First of all, these shoes should be high quality. If you want to buy tango shoes, it is important to keep in mind some basic requirements.

We produce tango shoes for rehearsals and also for performances. Remember that even in heels you need to feel yourself well-balanced. The most comfortable shoes are considered to have  2 - 4 inch heels.

Choose shoes in store, try on several pairs, if you have any doubts, try on one more pair to be sure you have the best possible for your needs. Comfortable tango shoes should not cramp your feet. If the size is right, they will feel lightweight and you will find it easy to move.

You can dance wearing shoes of different colors but it is better to choose solid colored ones. For example, black tango shoes will suit every outfit for rehearsals and performances.

Follow the advice of experienced dancers as well as shop assistants and it will help you to make the right decision. Consider all these points before purchasing: sole, appearance, material, color, size. And don't forget to buy additional items for cleaning, usually it is a special brush.

Beautiful outfits and comfortable shoes will make your dancing amazing and unforgettable for your audience.