Grishko dancewear

Dancewear for ballet and other types of dance.

Grishko Company is the most successful Russian producer of dancewear for ballet and other types of dance. Besides, it is the worldwide known brand name that has obtained numerous awards and prizes. Dancewear created by Grishko is recognized all over the world and is highly appreciated being the perfect choice for dancers of all training levels.

In Grishko shop you will find all necessary clothes that are necessary during trainings, rehearsals and performances. Represented collections were developed in cooperation with the world stars of ballet that made a valuable contribution to its appearance in the market. The most popular types of clothes that are very demanded among dancers of different modern styles are dance skirts, dance hoodies, dance t-shirts, dance jumpers as well as leotards, unitards, tutus, pants, shorts, leggings, tights. It is not a full range of products. The producer took into consideration all possible demands which may have a beginner, an amateur or a professional irrespective of his age and body constitution. Grishko also offers children's dancewear collection which was especially created for little connoisseurs of this art.

The best products are available for dancer throughout the world. Everybody has a unique opportunity to purchase goods of high quality created by craftsmen following and respecting old traditions. Grishko has demonstrated a lot to the fashion industry in the world of dance and gained the popularity and recognition of anyone who is connected with dance and performances.

Fabulous and gorgeous dancewear designs became the part of modern performance being able to impress and delight. The only in the world Russian company that provides a great range of product for all kinds of dance is namely Grishko that is the third world leader in the field.

You may find these products not only in Russia and Europe, but also in the USA, Japan, Australia and many other corners of the world. There is also a possibility of creating individually requested orders. Talented, experienced and creative designers and craftsmen develop collections of products using expensive fabrics, innovative technologies and distinct approach to their job. One more important concept of the brand is to honour the traditions at the same time keeping up with the modern trends and continuous demands of ballet dancers. That is the secret of Grishko!