Kid’s pointe shoes

Kid’s pointe shoes

We have been creating ballet shoes for more than 27 years. Our experts have great experience in their production. We constantly improve our technologies and use high quality materials. That is why our shoes are popular all over the world.

Kid’s pointe shoes project is one of the primary directions in the Grishko production. We care about our young customers’ health. We know exactly what is necessary for children to become true ballet stars. Obviously pointe shoes play a major role for ballerinas. That is why we would like all parents and teachers to know about preparatory pointe shoes. Beginners can’t or shouldn’t work in adult pointe shoes immediately after they just have started ballet. Girls usually begin preparing to dance in pointe shoes at the age of 10. Students should become accustomed to wear pointe shoes gradually.  

We have created a line of preparatory pointe shoes for children. They were designed especially for young dancers who are just starting their career. It is necessary to prepare kid’s feet for working on pointe. So we have 3 preparatory pointe shoe models: Exam, Alice and Novice. Each model has its own purpose.

Exam style is for those who just make their first steps in ballet. This model will help your child to become accustomed to the tight inner space of pointe shoes. It is based on the «Grishko-2007» last.

After that children can graduate to our Alice model. These pointe shoes are designed for first year dancers, they have a soft flannel lining. It is possible to stand on pointe at the barre wearing such pointes.

And our third preparatory model called Novice can be used for working on pointe both at the barre and in the centre of the ballet class.

You can buy preparatory pointe shoes at all Grishko stores. We are always glad to help you in choosing the right model for your child.