Russian pointe shoes

Russian pointe shoes

The world renowned Grishko Company is a leader in the world of dance products. The company was founded in 1988. Today our production is represented in more than 70 countries. We have many fans all over the world, because we always guarantee high quality.

Grishko pointe shoes are handmade and every specialist puts his soul into producing our pointe shoes.  We use innovative technologies to create brand new models for you. All our products meet the highest international standards. We care about your health and conduct numerous experiments over many months before producing new models.

Our pointe shoe range includes different models designed for all dancers; male, female and children. You can buy Grishko pointes in store or make individual requests. We can produce pointe shoes taking into account your anatomical features.

You can choose your preference of colour: flesh, orange, red, green, blue, violet etc. Such pointes will complement even the most creative outfit. Grishko pointe shoes are considered to be very elegant and beautiful. That’s why so many ballet dancers and movie stars choose them for photo and video shoots. We are proud of our pointe shoes being so popular especially among world renowned ballet stars.

Grishko pointe shoes can be produced with different widths (X narrow, XX - medium, XXX - wide, XXXX - very wide, XXXXX - extremely wide) and five types of sole stiffness: SS – super soft, S - soft, M - medium, H - hard, SH – super hard.