Skirt tutu Grishko

Tutu skirts for women and juniors

Skirt tutu is considered to be the ultimate and one of the most impressive and effective part of ballet dancewear worn as a costume while performing on the stage. It is often sold with a special bodice attached to it.

Tutu skirts for women come in a wide range of designs, fabrics, colors and patterns. They are used in order to show individuality, to add some flourish and chic to the dancer's appearance as well as to draw public attention and cause admiration.

Tutu appeared at the end of the 19th century. Connoisseurs of ballet art wanted their dancers to be more mobile, highly skilled showing new technical feats and at that time multi layered tutus gave them such a wonderful opportunity. At first knee length was preferred especially when it came to such world famous ballets as Swan Lake or Paquita. Later new type of tutu was created; it was much shorter and had a shape of powder-puff. Now audience could see legs of young ballet dancers in full.

Nowadays in its modern look tutu skirt consists of a body and a skirt that can be of different fashion designs: of one layer, of multiple layers, starched, puffy. There are a lot of skirt styles, some of them are Romantic, Classical, Bell, Platter, Balanchine. The materials they are made of are usually the same: nylon, tulle, organza, muslin, tarlatan, voile and many others. Two more parts of a tutu skirt are bodice and the Basque. The first one usually consists of 6 and more panels of fabric. The bodice is a separate piece of a costume that is attached at the waistline with the help of elastic tabs. The second one usually comes with the bodice and is placed from the waist to high.

Each type of skirt has its own length, shape and purpose. For example, Romantic tutu is used to emphasize lightness of romantic ballets as well as their beauty. It is said that it was invented in 1832 by Marie Taglioni. Classical tutu may have a shape of a pancake or a bell. It is very short and has a fitted bodice. Classical tutus are the most often seen in ballet paintings and dances. Balanchine tutu is one more style that is popular because of its powder puff shape. It is short and has no hoops to give a softer appearance to the dancer. By the way, tutu skirts for juniors look exactly the same; of course their sizes are smaller.

Tutu is a type of professional dancewear bringing a lovely and finished look. It is an essential and valuable part of a costume just as ballet footwear.