Soft ballet shoes

High quality soft ballet shoes for your

Follow our advice and you will be able to choose ballet slippers which will provide high levels of comfort. It 

is very important to feel good in your shoes during workouts and also on the stage. We know the secret of 

how to choose the perfect soft ballet shoes. First of all, fabrics. We use only super durable canvas and 

natural leather for the slippers. That's why world renowned ballet stars prefer Grishko slippers.


Soft ballet shoes are necessary for rehearsals and stage performances. Also beginners can start doing 

choreography in ballet slippers.

We are proud our products are popular in more than 70 countries around the world. We have a lot of fans 

who love our shoes, dance wear and accessories for all genres of dance. What's the secret of our 

popularity? The answer is simple. We always strive for excellence and use only innovative technologies 

and high quality materials. The Grishko Company is one of the world leaders in dance shoes and 

dancewear production. We have been operating for 27 years in this industry.


If you choose Grishko soft ballet shoes, you should take measurements to determine your size and also 

their width and material. The model should be comfortable and not put pressure on your foot.


Our company range includes multiple slippers styles for both adults and children. Offering split or full sole. 

The choice depends on you. We always strive to produce the best soft ballet shoes. The fact that we get 

such positive feedback and repeat business, we know many people are satisfied customers. So choose 

the style to suit your foot and in the colour from our range of white, black or beige slippers. Some models 

are especially flexible due to the special elastic in the split sole.


We guarantee the best price-quality ratio. More than 300 professionals work every day to make you 

happy. We know that comfortable soft ballet shoes will help you achieve success. We are sure your 

performance will be enhanced with your Grishko shoes. Everything you wish for is possible with Grishko. 

We wish you the best of luck to show everybody what you can do in your next recital.

Grishko pointe shoes the shoes that are chosen by professionals.