Performance tutu, 10 layers


An attractive 10 layers tulle rehearsal tutu.
Price $ 404.36
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How to measure yourself

  • (1) Circumference at breast level
  • (2) Circumference above the breast
  • (3) Circumference below the breast
  • (4) Circumference at waist level
  • (5) Circumference at hip level
  • (6) Breast height
  • (7) Distance from nipples to the waist line
  • (8) Length of the tutu yoke
  • (9) Hip circumference
  • (10) Breast center
  • (11) Tutu length
  • (12) Distance between the legs
  • (13) Full height
  • (14) Side distance from the waist to the floor
  • (15) Shoulder length
  • (16) Arm length
  • (17) Arm circumference
  • (18) Wrist circumference
  • (19) Head circumference

An attractive 10 layers tulle rehearsal tutu. Due to the top quality English tulle and an elegant silhouette the tutu may be also used on stage. The soft elastic band and the sewn in panties will make you feel especially comfortable. The Grishko rehearsal skirts and tutus have the same rich color range as its leotards and perfectly match them. 

A leotard with a rehearsal skirt or tutu from Grishko will make a cute modern dance attire. It is indispensable for training classical ballet repertory. Other colors for a spesial request. The maximum tutu length is 35cm. 

The maximum tutu length is 35cm.