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  • DA16

    Footless leggings

    $ 33.00

  • DA15

    Footed leggings

    $ 35.30

  • DAD16

    Footless leggings

    $ 22.20

  • DAD15

    Footed leggings for kids

    $ 27.40

  • DA14

    Leggings, lenght 3/4

    $ 28.30

  • DV15

    Shortcut mesh leggings

    $ 25.80

  • DV15/1

    Mesh leggings

    $ 26.40

  • DV16

    Shortcut mesh leggings

    $ 22.40

  • DV16/1

    Mesh leggings

    $ 23.40

  • DAD1497M

    Children's leggings, microfiber

    $ 24.50

  • DA1497M

    Leggings, microfiber

    $ 32.80

  • DA04OV


    $ 45.60

  • DA1479M

    Footless leggings

    $ 34.98

Grishko men dance leggings

    Talented male dancers are worth their weight in gold in the world of dance. But it is not easy to find a suitable dance costumes for man, since most dance manufacturers focus on female dancers. Grishko Company - the world leader in dance field - offers a wide range of dance clothing, shoes and accessories for men, including men's leggings.

    You are able to find a suitable model and buy footed or footless men dance leggings.

    Choosing a particular model, you can also determine the materials and color. Men dance leggings can be made of cotton or polyamide. Rich color palette will not leave you indifferent - you will surely find something that will match your mood, style or stage image.

    If your young dancer just started to learn the basics of choreography, in Grishko online store you can easily choose men's leggings for your boy, determine the model, color and material.

    The purchase of dancewear, dance shoes and accessories will be a pleasant pastime with Grishko Company. Go for it, on the way to your dream!

    Grishko pointe shoes the shoes that are chosen by professionals.