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  • 1101

    Unitard with sauna effect

    $ 23.98

  • 1102

    Short unitard with sauna

    $ 15.84

  • 1105

    Short pants with sauna effect

    $ 8.80

  • 1104

    Pants with sauna effect

    $ 10.12

  • 1108

    Sauna unitard with knitted waist panel

    $ 51.00

  • 0403

    Unitard with sauna effect

    $ 26.84

  • 0405

    Pants with sauna effect

    $ 17.16

  • 0404

    Short unitard with sauna effect

    $ 25.08

  • 0406

    Shorts with a sauna effect

    $ 15.18

Heat Retention Wear (with slimming effect)

    Each dancer knows that the preparatory part is very important. You cannot make a split without spending many months stretching; you cannot make a graceful dance without preparation, it is impossible to achieve lightness of movements without a long perfecting of your skills. To accurately perform the dance elements, you have to warm up.

    A good muscle warm-up will prevent injury and will give you a great opportunity to realize your abilities. Of course, the dancers do not want to waste their precious time for preparations; they want to go to dance, that’s why a lot of dancers use clothes with sauna effect. It allows evenly warm-up and prepare the body for load. You can try wear with sauna effect in a dance class. It will become irreplaceable during the long rehearsal.

   Grishko sauna suit for successful trainings

    Grishko Co. is known among choreographers for its quality and a large product assortment. Grishko sauna suit has won the hearts of both novice and professionals dancers. The secret of success is in a large assortment of models, including:

  • Unitards
  • Short unitards
  • Pants
  • Short pants

    Each model is unique; it is not just the color, but also the design. So even at the rehearsal in a sauna suit you can keep your individuality, keeping your style. Clothes with sauna effect is an excellent choice for those who want to make their training more effective, achieve new results on stage and win the love and recognition of the audience. Grishko Company will gladly help you during this way to success!

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