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Pointe shoes

Famous all over the world Grishko pointe shoes are the most customized pointe shoes on the market.

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All the dancer needs for comfort - pointe shoe accessories, dance bags, ribbons and elastics, pointe shoe drying inserts, and much more by Nikolay ltd. (Moscow, Russia).

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Venice Dreams

Let’s step into a dream of striking colors of Italian architecture and mood.
Venice Dreams collection features a splash of bright tenderness bringing you to the sunny days in the middle of Italy.

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Soft ballet shoes

Browse our best selling in-stock soft ballet shoes for women, men and kids. Our high quality hand made ballet slippers are tested by professionals and are worn by dancers of all levels.

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Gorgeous Grishko ballet tutus and light-as-air skirts are produced in a variety of Italian fabrics and lengths for comfortable coverage during practice.

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Bolshoi Stars. Monarch

Just like a butterfly spreading its wings for the first time, this collection is the representation of creativity and resilience. Our design team took inspiration from jewel tones of nobility as well as romantic colors of spring. Hand crafted using the latest Italian materials, this collection will provide you with options unsurpassed.

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There’s no dance without proper warm-up and stretching. For the comfort of dancers, we developed warm-up boots: breathable, but cozy and warm; soft, but keeping their shape due to design, and with faux leather outsole, as dancers need to walk between classes and backstage.

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Classic Excellence

Classic Excellence Collection is the best uniform range on the market. Our premium basics are created for the passion of dance. Upscale Italian materials and impeccable patterns create the perfect look and feel. Unique range of silhouettes and colors from classic to modern provide multiple options for dancers of every level.

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Winter Solstice

This collection reminds us of the beauty in all things, even the frosty, bitterness of December days. Instead of looking upon the solstice with dread, we want to share with you the enchantment of winter, the magic of the holidays and provide you with warmth and solidarity when the icy winds blow. Winter colors and fashionable cuts of this collection are designed with care and passion for dance.

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