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Ballet Slippers is the basis of your successful rehearsals

All dancers know that ballet Slippers are the most comfortable shoes for a long rehearsal in the studio. Ballet flats are simply irreplaceable for rehearsals. These dance shoes are very popular between choreographers because they are incredibly comfortable. Nowadays you can buy ballet flats of any size and color.

Ballet slippers can be made of:

  • Leather - durable and durable
  • Fabric(canvas or satin) - usually bought for kids because their feet grow quickly.

You should not buy ballet slippers from synthetic materials, they do not allow feet to breathe, and hard stiches can rub feet.

When choosing Ballet slippers search models with elastic bands, they will secure shoes on feet, and ballet flats will not fly off during the dance. If you want a practical model, choose the black color, in contrast to white they should be washed much less frequently.

Also, you should know that improper ballet flats can damage feet and later could effect on your skill.

Three rules of correct selection of Ballet slippers:

  • Ballet slippers should be soft and comfortable
  • Dance shoes should be chosen strictly on size. They should not rub or twist feet.
  • Dancing ballet slippers must be made from quality materials and have a well-crafted stiches.

In our online shop you can buy ballet slippers in various types and colors. High quality materials guarantee that your feet will be healthy even after hours of rehearsals. On the Grishko website you will find a larger range of ballet slippers both for adult professional dancers and beginner stars.

Ballet shoes - probably the most comfortable dance shoes. Grishko ballet flats are the best option between all possible! Made of genuine leather with a beautiful finish. These pairs will be a good companion for a long training and during responsible acts before the audience.

Grishko Ballet flats fit beginner performers and those who have already achieved great results on the scene. One you try on these soft shoes and you will understand why Grishko shoes are chosen by thousands of dancers around the world. These ballet shoes will help you to find your muse and conquer the heart of the audience!

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