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    Female shoes «Flamenco»

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    Male shoes «Flamenco», leather

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    Male shoes «Flamenco», leather

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Flamenco shoes.

    Passionate and bewitching Flamenco came to us from Spain, it sparks the hearts of audience and performers on world dance stages. To acquaint with that amazing dance want a lot of people. Every dancer should not only know the history of dance, to know the basic movements, but to be able to choose the right flamenco shoes.

    There are two different flamenco schools in the world:

  • Andalucía School of flamenco - with intricate, fanciful movements
  • Castilian school of flamenco - dancers use a smaller number of specific poses, movements are more restrained.

    The men which dance flamenco traditionally perform in flamenco boots, dark pants with wide belt and in snow-white shirt with wide sleeves. Sometimes they also wear short bolero-vests.

    The female costume is more expressive. Long dress “Bata de cola” is typical for flamenco dance. Colorful polka dot fabric, flounces and frills, and the game of the skirt’s hem referring to flamenco’s gypsy history. Also dancers use shawl with long tassels emphasizing the dance drama. And of course flamenco is inconceivable without large beautiful fan!

    During the dance performers tap the rhythm by castanets. But they restrict the expressiveness of dancer’s hands movement and that’s why rhythm usually taps by heels. That’s why the reliability of flamenco shoes is so important. Grishko Co. offers both men’s and women’s flamenco shoes. On dance stage you will surely appreciate the combination of quality and elegance of our flamenco shoes and the enthusiastic audience will appreciate your skills and passion of this remarkable dance!

    Grishko pointe shoes the shoes that are chosen by professionals.