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  • 03255НК

    Children’s Buckle «Tap» shoes, leather

    $ 145.20

  • 03113

    Female shoes «Tap», leather

    $ 98.00

  • 03117НК

    Female shoes «Tap», leather

    $ 131.50

  • 03119

    Female low shoes «Tap»

    $ 138.40

  • 03157

    Male low shoes «Tap», leather

    $ 134.10

  • 03159

    Male low shoes «Tap»

    $ 135.50

  • 03161

    Male low shoes «Tap»

    $ 147.60

  • 03163

    Male low shoes «Tap»

    $ 146.70

  • 03254L

    Children’s shoes «Tap», leather

    $ 125.90

  • 03256

    Children low shoes «Tap»

    $ 130.10

Tap shoes

Tap dance is certainly one of the most characteristic dances! Technique leads the audience to admiration. It is impossible to stand still when virtuoso dancers set such incendiary rhythms!

If you are one of those who can show a "class" on the dance floor, you probably know the rich history of this dance, which was released in the world scene straight out of Hollywood movies. So, you know, that the best tap shoes are made by Grishko Co.

Grishko tap shoes are:

  • Reliable
  • Made of high quality of materials
  • Very elegant.

You can choose the favourite size and colour of shoes. Each model has a Grishko branded metal taps on the heel and toe, which guarantees the reliability and durability of the shoes.

We offer two versions of tap shoes:

  • Genuine leather
  • Natural velor.

Any chosen option would be great and will serve you faithfully for very long time. You will be able to please your audience over and over again!

Grishko pointe shoes the shoes that are chosen by professionals.