Slippers "Tempo", canvas
Leotard, polyamide micro
Leotard, polyamide micro
Leotard, polyamide micro

Gym Shoes «Alina», canvas


This model has a low vamp and a sole made of natural leather with special dressing (not slide). Soft machine-stitching together with hand trimming and cotton lining extend its durability and comfort.
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Grishko gym shoes (demi-slippers) are special footwear for gymnasts. They can also be used for modern dance because they ensure a considerably lighter pivoting in comparison with a bare foot.

Smart and light, these demi-slippers, made in sizes 28 through 38 (2XS, XS, S, M, L, XL, 2XL), are used by leading gymnasts. Using high-quality natural leather, special technology, combining the technique of soft seams (joints) with the manual finishing, hydroscopical undersole of soft cotton, double leather and calico upper part increasing the durability and creating a modern silhouette make  gym shoes irreplaceable.

- 100% cotton lining bonded to the upper and sole

- Natural split leather outsole provides non-slip effect and durability

- Silicone coated elastics provide secure fit


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  • Practice tights
  • Pointe shoe luxury bag
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