Chopin tutu, 3 layers


Stylish Grishko three layers long rehearsal tutu
Price $ 111.54
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How to measure yourself

  • (1) Circumference at breast level
  • (2) Circumference above the breast
  • (3) Circumference below the breast
  • (4) Circumference at waist level
  • (5) Circumference at hip level
  • (6) Breast height
  • (7) Distance from nipples to the waist line
  • (8) Length of the tutu yoke
  • (9) Hip circumference
  • (10) Breast center
  • (11) Tutu length
  • (12) Distance between the legs
  • (13) Full height
  • (14) Side distance from the waist to the floor
  • (15) Shoulder length
  • (16) Arm length
  • (17) Arm circumference
  • (18) Wrist circumference
  • (19) Head circumference

Three layers long rehearsal tutu. Made of top quality English tulle and offered in a variety of colors. For your at most comfort you may choose any length you like. It is a great choice for a romantic minded person.

The Grishko rehearsal skirts have the same rich color range as its leotards and perfectly match them. A leotard with a rehearsal skirt from Grishko will  make a cute modern dance attire. It is indispensable for training classical ballet repertory. Other colors for a spesial request.