Leotard, polyamide micro
Leotard, polyamide micro
Leotard, polyamide micro
Slippers "Tempo", canvas

«NOVICE» pointe shoes


Novice model is made especially for the beginners.
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These shoes have a sole made of smooth leather of suede with a drawstring.


A soft insole keeps an immature foot from overloading.


A low box gives less pressure on toes than a forepart in regular pointe shoe.


This shoe has a V-shaped medium vamp, and 1/2 box which provide no pressure on the forefoot. 


The medium toe platform provides perfect balance and placement.


The shoe is all handmade and fits standard feet.


It is made of pale salmon satin with glued smooth leather sole.


The ideal choice for beginners learning to stand on pointe, especially with the super soft shank SS . 


The model can be made on the base of Fouette, Vaganova, Grishko 2007, Maya-I or Maya-II. Soft insole keeps an immature foot from overloading.


A low box gives less pressure on toes than a forepart in regular pointe shoe. 


It is recommended after ALICE models as first pointe shoe.


In can also be used for advanced dancers for ballet performances that require a softer insole and a not very hard box.


All pointe shoes are available in Tropicana glue, especially for the customers from countries with hot and humid climate. Feel free to ask for this option at checkout page. 


Recommended for advancing beginners (kids and adults)
- ½ box guarantees reduced pressure on the forefront
- Soft shank allows easier roll up from demi-pointe to full pointe
- Allows elements of pointe work except complicated fouette at the barre and in the center of classroom

How to measure your forefoot for choosing the right pair of GRISHKO ballet pointe shoes


Size: If you cannot try on a pair of our pointe shoes at a ballet shop in your area, we shall explain how to take your measure youself. Please follow closely our guidelines.


To know your size put a sheet of paper on the floor, place your foot on it in a strictly perpendicular way leaning yourself steadily on both feet, and mark the foot outline with a pencil. Take a rule and measure the distance between the most protruding point of the heel and that of the first or second toe. Find the corresponding figure in mm in our table and thus determine your size.


Foot lenght in mm GRISHKO size Casual footwear size

Pointe shoe size chart


      195-200 0.5 31
      200-205 1 31.5
      205-210 1.5 32
      210-215 2 33
      215-220 2.5 34
      220-225 3 34.5
      225-230 3.5 35
      230-235 4 36
      235-240 4.5 37
      240-245 5 37.5
      245-250 5.5 38
      250-255 6 39
      255-260 6.5 40
      260-265 7 40.5
      265-270 7.5 41
      270-275 8 42
      275-280 8.5 43
      280-285 9 43.5


Width: In order that the pointe shoe could fit your foot perfectly, the Grishko Ltd. manufactures ballet pointe shoes in a variety of 5 widths in each size. If you try on a pair of pointe shoes for the first time and do not know the right width, ask your teacher for advice or choose a medium width. Please have in mind that the foot sweat stretches the shoe fabric while dancing. Thus, in a couple of hours the pointe shoe will take the form of your forefoot.

There are five width options of the Grishko pointe shoe models:
x - very narrow
xx - narrow
xxx - medium
xxxx - wide
xxxxx - very wide


Shank: The dancer chooses the needed shank for comfort while dancing, so that the insole would support securely the foot arch. The shank upholds the “working heel” of the insole when the dancer is standing on pointe, gives more flexibility, assures easy transition from pointe to demi pointe and vice versa, ets. The hardness of the shank has no influence on the longevity of the pointe shoe. The choice of the right shank is always a very individual matter. In order to choose the needed shank, you should rather ask your ballet teacher.

There are five shank options of the Grishko pointe shoe models:
SS - super soft shank
S - soft shank
M - medium shank
H - hard shank
SH - super hard shank


The main shanks (degree of the insole curve between the widest part of the foot and its heel) are S (soft), M (medium) and H (hard). The additional shanks used in Grishko pointe shoe models are SS (super soft) and SH (super hard).


  • Pointe shoes overlays
  • Attachable hooked caps
  • Elastic ribbon in roll, 28mm
  • Double faced ribbon, 24mm