Dear Valued Customer,

 At the moment we are in the process of rebranding for U.S. clients.

The full line of our genuine products will be available for US market under a new brand name – “Nikolay”. It comes from the first name of Mr. Nikolay Grishko, the founder and owner of world known manufacturing and distribution companies of dance and footwear. Since the end of September 2019 you will have access to all authentic products, which have been recently offered as Grishko. All products features including models, sizing & fit, colors and all other characteristics will be entirely the same as you are accustomed to. You will be advised when we are through the process and the access is resumed.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused by temporary inability to accept and process orders from US Customers.

We appreciate your loyalty and acceptance our products. Our highly professional team is very proud to have our products meet high quality standards and be a perfect choice for dancers throughout the world. Rest assured that there will be no changes to high-level service, prices and superb quality of our Made in Russia genuine products.


Sincerely Yours,

Nikolay Grishko,

President of Grishko Group of Companies