is an official online-shop of worldwide famous Grishko® brand. Since 1989 Grishko® offers shoes and apparel for ballet, dance and active life. You can order wide range of Grishko products from online store with delivery worldwide:

  • Famous Grishko® pointe shoes - including vegan pointe shoes, special color pointe shoes and even made with adjustments (please contact to make a special order).
    Grishko® pointe shoes are the most customized pointe shoes existing on the market - 5 lasts, 28 models and full range of sizes! We do our best to keep on stock the most popular Grishko pointe shoes (Grishko 2007, Nova, Dream Pointe (Allure), Smart Pointe, Maya) so you can have an express delivery to your country within 2-7 days, but if they are out of stock - the order is placed on factory and as soon your ballet shoes are ready, we’ll deliver them to you. In any quantity you need!
  • Ballet slippers - Grishko® soft ballet shoes are made from canvas and leather, in different colors and wide range of sizes - for adults, children, men and women. We offer models for dance classes, contemporary and gymnastics.
  • Dance shoes for different kinds of dance - stage shoes, folk and character shoes, including famous Russian boots and teacher shoes made of leather. These models are usually made to order, so choose whatever you need and place in order!
  • Leotard for ballet - basic leotards, new collections and uniform. You can make an individual order or contact our manager to order for uniform for your dance school, ballet academy or performance.
  • Stage costumes made-to-measure for male and female - both for individuals for the performances or competitions, and for ballet companies all over the world!
  • Airy tutus, chopin skirts - all skits for ballet classes you need are available in different colors and sizes to match your leotards and create a stunning look
  • Warm-ups - knitted warm-up and heat retention wear with slimming effect
  • Warm-up boots: comfortable and stylish, durable and washable - everything for your comfort!
  • Suits, t-shirts, boleros, leggins, seamless underwear, dance accessories much and much more!
  • We also have SALE, so you can buy Grishko® with discount

We make not only the high-quality dance shoes and apparel, but create products which will help you to express your creative potential.

You have everything you need for dancing, if you have Grishko®!