Date of Birth: September 23, 2008
Country: USA
Education: Dmitri Kulev Classical Ballet Academy
Instagram: @clarariggsballerina


• 2021 YAGP Junior Classical Finalist
• 2021 Acceptance to The Royal Ballet Spring Intensive
• 2020 YAGP Pre-Competitive Finalist
• 2020 YAGP Los Angeles 1st Place Classical
• 2020/2019 Acceptance to the School of American Ballet Summer program NY/OC (Scholarships for both programs)
• 2020/2019 Acceptance to American Ballet Theaters Junior Summer program NY/OC

"After trying so many different ballet and pointe shoes, there is no brand in the entire dance industry that I think is better in quality than Nikolay. I recognize that the Nikolay product line is far more than just footwear, but that’s what made me fall in love...the shoes. They last longer, and they offer more comfort than the other brands, which lets me focus on dancing, instead of the feel of the shoes, especially when I’m on pointe. Ever since I tried on my first pair of Nikolay’s shoes in 2019, I knew that they were the perfect shoes for me.

My dream is to become a principal ballerina at The New York City Ballet or The Royal Ballet. My hobbies are to spend time with my parents and my 3 brothers, play the piano, hang out with my pet pig and two bunnies, and do arts and crafts. After my ballet career, my goal is to open a ballet studio in my home town.»


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