Date of Birth: May 16, 2006
Country: USA
Education: Dmitri Kulev Classical Ballet Academy
Instagram: @emmapoirier.ballerina


• YAGP Finals 2019
• California Dance Classics 3rd place 2018 and 2019
• Bolshoi Ballet Academy summer intensive 2018 acceptance 2019,2020
• Los Angeles Ballet Academy summer intensive scholarship 2019
• Dmitri Kulev Classical Ballet Academy Professional Division 2020

«My favorite things about Nikolay is that they are made with the best quality. The materials are impeccable. I can tell that my Nikolay products are made by hand by the best craftsmen in Russia. Nikolay pointe shoes support me like no others. Another favorite thing I have about Nikolay is how they offer so many different models, sizes, and shanks of pointe shoes. 4 years ago when it was time to buy my first pair of pointe shoes, Grishko/Nikolay was the only brand that carried a shoe small enough for me. I was so grateful that Nikolay had shoes that were small and narrow enough for my feet. They also gave me the good support I needed for my first time on pointe. To this day, Nikolay is the only brand that fits me well. I have never stopped wearing Grishko/Nikolay products since my first day en pointe because their products have never stopped amazing me. I know I have a lot of favorite things about Grishko/Nikolay. I just can't contain how much I love this brand!

My favorite thing to do in my spare time is read novels and spend time with my friends and family. I love learning at school so I spend time doing homework and assignments as well. I also enjoy crafting. I like swimming, going to the beach, and working out on the weekends when I have more spare time.»


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DA1935MP Leotard DA1933MP Leotard DA1258MP Leotard 0527/1 DreamPointe 2007