Grishko Market Influencer

Country of nationality: México
Education: Volare Academia de Danza
Instagram: @dana.ballerina

"My name is Dana Bucio, and I’m a Mexican aspiring ballerina. I’m 8 years old and have been dancing since I was 3. My specialty is acrobatic dance. I did rythmic gymnastics for 4 years. I competed in local and national competitions with solo and group numbers. I won a lot of medals.

Last year I decided to focus my work into ballet. I just fell in love with the discipline and the art that it is.

Dancing to me is everything. I could dance all day with all the music. My goal now is to improve my technique and turns. I take classes from Monday to Saturday 4 hours per day on my dance academy Volare. I push myself really hard to be give everyday the best of me. This year I will spend a week in New York, I was accepted in the summer intensive Joffrey Ballet School.

Recently, I was selected as Grisko Market Influencer from Danzar Danceshop, Ibett It is the most patient and kind person, it always helps me to find exactly what I need and guides me to choose the ideal Grishko product at my age and size. It was a real life dream, I feel so committed to share the the beauty and good quality of grishko family products, I love using my Grishko tutus, leotards and ballet slippers, I dream soon to have the strength and skill to start with Grishko 3 steps pointe shoes. "

Danzar Dance Shop
Blvd Sinaloa 1399 -4 colonia Las Quintas Culiacán, Sinaloa, México

Open hours:
Monday to Friday 11:00am to 7:00pm
Saturday 11:00am to 6:00pm

Tel.: +52 6677159900
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Instagram: @danzardanceshop