Grishko Generation

Date of Birth: 04.04.2003
Country of nationality: Bogota, Colombia
Education: Ballarte - escuela de ballet
Instagram: @danielfordance


- Full Scholarship to Ellison Ballet Summer Intensive
- ADC competition and MIBC ballet competition 2019
- Washington Ballet scholarship

    I started dancing at 13 years old, but have made a huge progress since then! I chose ballet evacuate at my school I always was dancing and my dance teacher encouraged me to enter a ballet school, and I loved it. In 2019 I want to join a prestigious ballet academy, to finish my studying, for that I am going to various competitions next year. An then I want to enter to a really good company and get my way to soloist!. I really don’t care what company but i would like Royal, or ABT.

     I want to join Grishko Generation program for two principal reasons. The first one is that I don’t use pointe shoes to dance because I am a guy, but I am starting to use Grishko pointe shoes to get stronger feet and also Grishko has so many other amazing products like slippers, tights or warm up clothes that can be showed by me. I also want to join because we almost every time see girls promoting your brand and I want to encourage other guys to try and to change that. And finally because i can bring Grishko to other places and to the Latin community that also loves ballet! I would love to be part of Grishko!