Grishko Future Star

    Date of Birth: 24.09.2006
    Country of nationality: Phoenix, Arizona, USA
    Education: Master Ballet Academy
    Instagram: @tegan_chou

    -ADC IBC 2018 - awarded Primary Grand Prix; -YAGP 2018 - 1st classical, 1st contemporary Phoenix regionals (precompetitive),NYC finalist for both categories, 1st Place ensemble Phoenix regionals and Top 12 ensemble NYC Finals; -The Dance Awards 2018 - Top 12 Junior soloist; -YAGP 2017 - 1st classical, Top 12 contemporary San Diego regionals, NYC finalist both categories; -The Dance Awards 2017 - Top 20 mini soloist; -Phoenix Ballet Nutcracker - Clara 2017 and 2018, White Rose demi-soloist 2018; -Marat Daukayev Nutcracker 2016 - Ballerina Doll, Russian demi-soloist; -Numerous regional dance competitions - 1st Place/Top 3 for soloist and group dances.

        I started ballet at age 4, but my parents didn't let take classes regularly until I was 8. I have been fascinated with ballet, pointe shoes and tutus since I was 3 - I just think everything about ballet is so unexplainably beautiful. Now that I am older, I love ballet because it's a constant challenge - physically and intellectually - and I really admire professional ballerinas for their ability to do something so physically intense and difficult and yet perform it so beautifully and artistically that it doesn't even look hard. I have always loved being on stage and performing, and being able to take on different characters and personality while I dance.

        The first time I performed on stage for ballet was in the Nutcracker with Marat Daukayev School of Ballet. I was a party girl and a soldier and was in Tarantella. I felt so alive and energized on stage!