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Grishko Generation and Future Stars-2019 selection!

Shortlist of Grishko Generation and Future Stars-2019 selection!

Dear all!

It was so pleasing to get all your applications, and we were really impressed by the number of them! We precisely checked every application and the quality is incredible. You are so talented and beautiful!  To be true, it was almost impossible to decide who will stay with us for the next stage, but we had to go through this plod. And we are shocked, that now we will have to make it once again to choose the winners - Grishko Generaton/Future stars members for the upcoming 2019 year.

We’re so sorry that it’s impossible to include you all, and we wish you to stay the same active and inspired to achieve your goals! Stay with us, follow @grishkogeneration and participate in our activities. We have prepared for you a gift to make you a bit happy with GRISHKO (please, check your direct mail in instagram next week!)   


The shortlist for the final stage of the competition is here. Check your name!

The final stage includes the completion of Application form #2). Participants who passed the 1th   stage are asked to post the dance video in Instagram under hashtag #grishkogenerationvideo2019, and to put the link to this video to Application form #2.

Read video requirements below:

For Ballet dancers

  1. From 8 y.o. to 10 y.o. – one dance piece (for example, polka) or dance improvisation.
  2. From 11 y.o. to 20 y.o. – some variation of choreographers of the 19th  and the 20th

For other dancers:

  1. Performance video.

Attention! You have to post the most recent video, and we will be waiting for themtill 3th of December.


And good luck!

Abigail Dudich USA Instagram
Agnes Indira Mayrani Indonesia Instagram
Agnese Di Dio Masa Italy Instagram
Ainhoa Segrera Italy Instagram
Alan Jair Arriaga Lara Mexico Instagram
Alecsana Rotar Panama Instagram
Alena Grivnina Russia Instagram
Alina Borisova Russia Instagram
Almudena Arrebola Crespo Spain Instagram
Amanda Eldridge USA Instagram
Ana Castillo Mexico Facebook
Ana Laura  Perez Varguez  Mexico Instagram
Ana Raquel Silva Portugal Instagram
Anastasia Baluda Russia Instagram
Anastasia  Plotnikova Russia Instagram
Andrea Osorio Colombia Instagram
Andrea Strat Peru Instagram
Andressa França Brazil Instagram
Angela Suma Switzerland Instagram
Anna López Spain Instagram
Anna Tsygantsova Italy Instagram
Anna Yeh USA Instagram
Antonina Razygraeva Russia Instagram
Arianna Mooney Ireland Instagram
Arina Denisova Russia Instagram
Arina Dubkova Russia Instagram
Ava MacDonald USA Instagram
Ava Ramirez USA Instagram
Ava Zisko USA Instagram
Aviva Gelfer-Mündl USA Instagram
Barbara Vishnyakova Russia Instagram
Branden JamesUKInstagram
Beatrice Millar United Kingdom Instagram
Benedetta Musso Italy Instagram
Beverly Abbott USA Instagram
Brenda Becerril Mexico Instagram
Brooke Pliler USA Instagram
Carlota Cruz Portugal Instagram
Carlotta Di Monte Italy Instagram
Carolina Lancelloti Brazil Instagram
Carolynne Guinup USA Instagram
Ceran Brooks United Kingdom Instagram
Claire Theisen Luxembourg Instagram
Curtis Si Tou Hong Kong Instagram
Cyrielle JOST France Instagram
Da In Park South Korea Instagram
Daniel Ayala Colombia
Daniel Lozano Martin Spain Instagram
Daniel  Ayala Colombia Instagram
Deniz Derelioglu Turkey Instagram
Desirèe Melek Maliki Italy Instagram
Di Fiore Camille France Instagram
Dolly Ruff UK Instagram
Dolly  Ruff  United Kingdom Instagram
Dorian Plasse France Instagram
Edwin Said Gonzalez Lozano Mexico Instagram
Elianna Price USA Instagram
Elizaveta Chertihina Russia Instagram
Elizaveta Kiryakova Russia Vkontakte
Ella Cowan Canada Instagram
Ella Hicks United Kingdom Instagram
Emily Koe Singapore Instagram
Emily Lezcano Paraguay Instargram
Emma Cilke China Instagram
Emma Sicilia Spain Instagram
Emma Van Boolen United Kingdom Instagram
Emmi Yokoi USA Instagram
Emona Georgieva Bulgaria Instagram
Erika Asai Japan Instagram
Eva Sergeenkova Russia Instagram
Evelyn Borden USA Instagram
Fede Fleitas Paraguay Instagram
Fernando   Montaño Colombia Instagram
Františka Sochorová Czech Republic Instagram
Georgeta Varvarici Moldova Instagram
Giovanna Abbatea Australia Instagram
Haley Lowder USA Instagram
Hannah Caitens Australia Instagram
Harriet Powell Hong Kong Instagram
Haruka Toyoda USA Instagram
Charline Ceravolo France Intagram
Charlotte Carrier Canada Instagram
Charlotte Douglas United Kingdom Instagram
Chiara Esposito Italy Instagram
Chloe Reynolds Australia Instagram
Christy Yip Hong Kong Instagram
Ieva Immertreija Estonia Instagram
Ikbal Karaibrahimoglu Turkey Instagram
Imogen Walters UK Instagram
Iona MacLeod United Kingdom Instagram
Irina Veselkina Russia Instagram
Isabella Torres USA Instagram
Isobel Rose Lehman USA Instagram
Iva Petrovic Serbia Instagram
Jade Lacarra France Instagram
Jarod Curley USA Instagram
Jessica Mugnai Italy Instagram
Jorgia Prow UK Instagram
JosaBella Morton USA Instagram
Josephine Pratten Australia Instagram
Joung In You South Korea Instagram
Julia Rigaud France Instagram
Júlia Saba Brasil  Instagram
Kai Qi Malaysia Instagram
Karla Diaz Arnal Mexico Instagram
Karla Paola Balderas Flores Mexico Instagram
Karla Reategui Peru Instagram
Katia Battaggia Italy Instagram
Kealani Arata USA Instagram
Kenedy Kallas USA Instagram
Kibyusa Forcos Romania Instagram
Kiri Neve Dalkin UK Instagram
Kyra McCulloch UK Instagram
Kyra Soo Canada Instagram
Larah Vitoria Ferreira De Sousa Brazil Instagram
Larissa Faturi Brazil Instagram
Larissa Gavrilova Australia Instagram
Léa FLEYTOUX Vietnam Instagram
Leah Gonzalez USA Instagram
Lily Mowbray United Kingdom Instagram
Lily Rose Mansfield Spain Instagram
Lodovica Forte Italy Instagram
Lourdes Mendoza Argentina Instagram
Lucas Mereles Paraguay Instagram
Lucie Mei Chuzel China  Instagram
MAÏA GASTAL France Instagram
Marcelo Gabriel Rojas Ortiz Paraguay Instagram
Marco Biella Italy Instagram
Maria Avrantini Greece Instagram
Maria Cianca Spain Instagram
María Fernanda Perelló Taboada Paraguay Instagram
Maria Malinina Russia Instagram
Maria Molina Colombia Instagram
Mariana Valenzuela Mexico Instagram
Marilou Puech France Instagram
Marion Paquet France Instagram
Marot Badr Brazil Instagram
Marusya Oleynikova Russia Instagram
Matilda Poláková Slovakia Instagram
Maya Schonbrun USA Instagram
Melissa Gullstén Scali Spain Instagram
Melvin Lawovi France Instagram
Mia Andrews United Kingdom Instagram
Mia Cirafesi USA Instagram
Mia Petkovic USA Instagram
Mia Tintor Italy Instagram
Michele Storto Italy Instagram
Mika Barnett USA Instagram
Milana Lewis USA Instagram
Mira Speyer United Kingdom Instagram
Miranda Montes de Oca USA Instagram
Misa Kasamatsu Malaysia Instagram
Naomi Wei USA Instagram
Natalia Chersia USA Instagram
Natasha Furman USA Instagram
Nelli Mukhortova Kazachstan Instagram
Ni Dali China Instagram
Nicole Manzato Italy Instagram
Nika Afonina Ukraine Instagram
Nina Fukasova Slovakia Instagram
Ninh Do Hoang Khang Vietnam Instagram
Nora Ekman Sweden Instagram
Paige Irwin Canada Instagram
Pamela Hawkins UK Instagram
Paulina Correa Colombia Instagram
Phoebe Cutter UK Instagram
Poppy Frankel United Kingdom Instagram
Rafaella Rocha Brazil Instagram
Rachel Neale United Kingdom Instagram
Rebecca Alexandria Hadibroto Indonesia Instagram
Reyna Carrillo Mexico Instagram
Ria Adachi USA Instagram
Rosa Elizabeth Bautista Gutiérrez Mexico Instagram
Roxy Slavin USA Instagram
Ruby Pemberton UK Instagram
Sacha Meunier France Instagram
Samantha Randall USA Instagram
Sandrine Xiao Han Song Malaysia Instagram
Sara Allen USA Instagram
Sarah Barthez French Guyana Instagram
Serik Nakyspekov Kazachstan Instagram
Shakiera Ward United Kingdom Instagram
Shanen ricci France Instagram
Shea Lennon USA Instagram
Sidonie Rahola Boyer France Instagram
Sofía Garrido Spain Instagram
Sofia Mul-Ferrigno USA Instagram
Sofiia Demeniuk Ukraine Instagram
Solomiia Aksonova Ukraine Instagram
Sophia Riddell Australia Instagram
Sophie Gilligan UK Instagram
Sophie Richardson United Kingdom Instagram
Soraya Sullivan Australia Instagram
Stephanie Yip Hong Kong Instagram
Sterre Vermeulen Netherlands Instagram
Suzanne Diradourian France Instagram
Tailys Poncione France Instagram
Tashi Goodrich Australia Instagram
Tegan Chou USA Instagram
Tina Xu China Instagram
Valeria Yañez Mexico Instagram
Vera Khodakovskaya Russia Instagram
Vitalina Alsufjewa Ukraine Instagram
Yana Buravchikova Russia Instagram
Yana Cherepanova Russia Instagram