Bolshoi Stars. Senses

Two roles of Anna Tikhomirova: Katarina, from “The Taming of the Shrew”, and Olga from “Eugene Onegin” became the source of inspiration for this collection. This choice wasn’t a coincidence — being in different ends of the universe, they embrace the colours that woman expresses herself. Ballet aesthetic has a long story of its own, inimitable charm and character. Being inspired by the lines of costumes for brilliant Margot Fonteyn, we reconsidered the classic heritage to bring modern spirit, fresh look and renewed form into it. Seems simple silhouettes are refined up to millimetre, all lines, seams and details are devoted to underline a ballerina’s beauty, lift her up to the new level of self-confidence and support her during rehearsals for any role.

Bolshoi stars. SENSES collection includes leotards, airy boleros, classic and new skirts with vents. It’s a challenge to create a perfect wardrobe for ballerinas, as each role requires certain colors, form and accessories, but working with one of the leading ballerinas of the Bolshoi Theatre, we were able to consider all the range, needed to create totally different characters both during rehearsals, on stage or at shootings.

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