Grishko brand is known in the ballet world as the Rolls Royce of dancewear. Grishko is always associated with the highest quality of products

We were surprised to learn that some, do not know that Grishko is the last name of the owner and founder of the Grishko brand worldwide and Grishko factories in Moscow — Mr. Nikolay Grishko.

Our business was founded in the late 80’s, not a hundred years ago, as some believe. At the end of 1980’s, in the USSR, during the period of economical and political changes and crisis in the country.

With the founding of the new «Grishko» company, Mr. Nikolay Grishko won the hearts and loyalty of ballet dancers around the world, among them, are the biggest names in the industry. Even despite the fact he never studied ballet, Nikolay Grishko was welcomed into the wonderful world of arts. This world always attracted Mr. Grishko, and it maybe one of the reasons that Tamara, a beautiful Russian dancer became his wife, an inspiration and muse to Nikolay Grishko.

Within the first few years after the company’s inception, the doors of the top ballet companies, competitions, and the hearts of Russian and worldwide renown dancers were open to Grishko. And 32 years later, our founder is at the top of his game, the Nikolay Grishko brands are among the top selling and requested products in the dance world, with the largest output in the pointe shoe world, our models are coveted and respected.

We know, this would have been impossible without the amazing qualities of the Grishko (NIKOLAY in USA) brand founder Nikolay Grishko, his generosity and open-heartiness, rare academic education, and readiness to help those in need. Stunning erudition, charisma, and a rare sense of humor allowed Nikolay Grishko to become one of the biggest players in this difficult creative world or arts.

We have prepared a series of stories about Nikolay Grishko, many aspects of his activities related to ballet and other ventures. Every week we will share in small portion of interesting facts from his biography.

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