From the founding of his company, Nikolay Grishko knew that he is not just the maker of pointe shoes and dancewear, but a man who's duty is to launch careers of dancers around the globe.

Moscow International Ballet Competition and contest of choreographers @moscowballetcompetition takes the stage only once every four years, it is one of the most significant and prestigious dance events on the planet. Featuring future stars among the shining talent of world ballet. This competition was the very first large-scale event that Nikolay Grishko supported since the early 90s when Russia was going through a very difficult financial recovery after the break-up of the Soviet Union, and to this day Nikolay Grishko is one of the most avid supporters and sponsors of MIBC.

THE NIKOLAY GRISHKO AWARD AT MIBC The organizing committee of MIBC, highly appreciating the contributions of Nikolay Grishko, established a special award in 2013 bearing his name. Nikolay and Tamara Grishko commissioned a famous ballet sculptor Viktor Mitroshin to create the statuette. The exquisite gold-plated ballerina with a tourmaline crown standing on the pedestal of rare Ural agate became the embodiment of delight and admiration for many. Nikolay Grishko himself presented this special award to the brilliant Anastasia Soboleva (XII Moscow International Ballet Competition Gold Medalist, and now First Soloist with the Mikhailovskiy Theater in St. Petersburg).

MOSCOW INTERNATIONAL BALLET COMPETITION HISTORY Founded in 1969 by the legends of the Russian Ballet Igor Moiseyev, Olga Lepeshinskaya, and Galina Ulanova. In 1973 One of the most influential choreographers of our time and a personal friend of Nikolay and Tamara Grishko, Yuri Grigorovich was named Artistic Director of the Contest.

Moscow International Ballet Competition has become one of the most influential and coveted competitions for professional dancers. The next competition will take place in 2021, and we cannot wait to meet the next dancer that will receive the Nikolay Grishko Award.

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