This chapter about the illustrious life of Nikolay Grishko we dedicate to the incomparable Maya Plisetskaya.

 They say, talent attracts talent, that is how the warm friendship of Tamara with Nikolay Grishko and Maya with Rodion Shchedrin (An outstanding composer, the man behind the scores for Carmen Suite and Anna Karenina) came to life.

Nikolay Grishko is proud of his long-term friendship with Maya Plisetskaya and tremulously keeps the memory of this amazing dancer, whose contribution the of world ballet is invaluable. In Nikolay's office there are several photographs signed by Maya Plisetskaya, which read "with admiration" and "with the kindest wishes."

These inscriptions become even more valuable when you know how impulsive and tough the character of Maya Plisetskaya was - it was very difficult to get laudatory and warm words from her. By the way, Maya Plisetskaya performed in Grishko pointe shoes in the last years of her career, which we will discuss in more detail in the future posts.

In 1993 Maya Plisetskaya celebrated her 50th anniversary on stage with a gala, which took place at the Bolshoi Theater. Nikolay Grishko was one of the main sponsors of the event. Maya Plisetskaya was incredible, she danced en pointe, performing her immortal roles and presented to the public one of the new ballets "Mad from Chaillot". A year before the end of her career, Maya initiated the ballet, the idea of ??which was suggested by a friend of the ballerina, the great French fashion designer Pierre Cardin, and the music was written by Rodion Shchedrin. The ballet aroused the admiration of the audience, once again confirming that Maya Plisetskaya is a legend of ballet.

In 1994, during a difficult financial and cultural period for the Russian ballet, Maya organized the “Maya” International Ballet Competition in order to revive interest in ballet in the post-Soviet space. Choreographers of international importance became members of the jury of the “Maya” contests.

Considering it his duty to support the ballet, Nikolay Grishko participates in the organization of two “Maya” competitions and co-organizes the Gala Concert of the laureates of the 2nd “Maya” competition, which took place in Paris at the Pierre Cardin Theater (L'ESPACE PIERRE CARDIN) in September 1997. For his contribution to the development of ballet and the organization of the “Maya” ballet competition, Nikolay Grishko received Certificates of Merit from the mayor of St. Petersburg A. Sobchak in 1994 and the governor of St. Petersburg V. Yakovlev in 1997.

Maya Plisetskaya had an elegant and strong foot. Maya's favorite model was the well-known Fouette´ by Grishko, but another model was created in honor of the great ballerina - “Maya I and Maya II”.

By the way, another product in the Grishko / Nikolay range appeared thanks to the great dancer - one of the best-sellers is the silicone arch booster. The height of the arch is far from being evidence of professionalism of the dancer. But it is generally expected in the world that a ballerina should have a high and flexible arch. It was Maya Plisetskaya who suggested that the arch booster can become an irreplaceable assistant on the stage for the dancers with lower arches.

We are incredibly proud of the history of this amazing friendship between the founder of the company Nikolay Grishko and the legend of world ballet Maya Plisetskaya.

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