Nikolay Grishko is a big fan of not only ballet, but also theater. He is fascinated by the incredible talent of transforming the actors on stage, their dedication for the sake of the audience's emotions. He always has the deepest respect for the work of an artist.

That is why Nikolay Grishko could not remain indifferent when, during the collapse of the Soviet Union, the actors of the drama theater, primarily the elderly, found themselves in a difficult life situation, with little to no finances to survive.

A group of businessmen, together with prominent Soviet actors, created a charitable fund for theater workers assistance called "Masks" named after the outstanding and talented actor I. Smoktunovsky with the aim of supporting and providing elderly actors with the essentials for a dignified existence.

Nikolay Grishko @grishkonikolay was elected vice-president of the foundation and academician of the International Theater Academy. Donating, and organizing fundraisers for the actors in need, became Nikolay Grishko’s goal and passion.

In order to support the artists, during the existence of the fund, many charitable festivals have been organized in different parts of Russia, such as the TV and theater show "Gogol Today", the Moscow theater festival "Artist of the late XX century" theatrical festival “Young Talents for the City and the World”, etc. The collection of certificates, trophies and medals are kept in the museum of Nikolay Grishko's factories and in his personal study.

This activity of Nikolay Grishko, his active position in supporting theater and cinema artists in difficult years for this sphere of art, was highly appreciated by the Minister of Culture of the Russian Federation in 2002, M. Shvydkoy, with an official letter of thanks - “For many years of fruitful work, great personal contribution to the development of national culture and art ", as well as by the Minister of Culture and Spiritual Development of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), A. Borisov, -" For constant support of the All-Russian festival of ballet art "Sterkh". In addition, for activities not related to the work of the foundation, Nikolai Grishko was awarded the “Teatral Prize” in the Theatrical Sponsor nomination in 2002.

In times of need, hundreds of actors, dancers and other theater workers in retirement counted on Nikolay Grishko’s support which he provided with grace and care.

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