Few people know that the cultural capital of Russia is St. Petersburg, the city of white nights, which hosts a unique international ballet festival "Dance Open” it is among the top 10 most influential European festivals according to The Independent.

Now running for 18 seasons, over 200 world ballet stars shone on the "Dance Open" stage, representing 33 leading troupes from 26 countries.     

The interest in the event is huge - every evening spectators fill - the Alexandrinsky Theater. The grandiose building with a five-tiered auditorium, a huge stage, ceremonial foyers and a majestic facade is one of the top cultural assets of Russia and is included in the UNESCO protected list.     

The award ceremony has become one of the most prestigious events of the secular season in St. Petersburg. The Alexandrinsky Theater, one of the traditional stages where event takes place, has 1,700 seats, but this is always not enough - to see this unique event, spectators even fill the aisles and sit on the steps.     

Nikolay Grishko has been actively supporting this event for several years.     

In 2014, the prima ballerina of the National Ballet of the Netherlands, the amazing Anna Tsygankova, who is among in the top 100 best ballerinas in the world according to the 2012 Dance Europe magazine. received the Grand Prix of the Dance Open festival. And in 2016 the "Miss Expressive" prize was presented to her by Nikolay and Tamara Grishko, along with an exclusive gold pendant. As a sign of respect to the art of ballet and the work of the dancers, Nikolay Grishko in 2016 presented all the winners of the competition with a unique piece of jewelry in a form of a Pointe Shoe, commissioned by Nikolay Grishko himself. This piece of art will always compliment the beauty and hard work of the ballerinas that have received it.

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