Every September, Bolshoi Ballet Academy welcomes new pupils with the “Dedication to first graders" event. This year, the ranks of the "first graders" of the Moscow State Academy of Arts were joined by children who were selected for the Kaliningrad branch. But due to the spread of COVID-19, the construction of the new branch building is severely delayed, and this year the pupils admitted to the first grade in Kaliningrad will study in Moscow until their school is built.

Presenting the ballet uniform to the pupils of the Bolshoi Ballet Academy is also a tradition for Nikolay Grishko. In 2014, together with Marina Leonova, the design of leotards and logo-wear was developed. Nikolay Grishko and his wife Tamara presented more than 2000 sets of donated uniforms to the students of the Academy on September 1, 2015. So every year, youngest dancers joining the school receive a free set personally from Nikolay Grishko.

Two top schools in the world are now wearing uniforms from Nikolay Grishko. As we have mentioned, the famed Bolshoi Ballet Academy, and perhaps even more famous school, The Vaganova Ballet Academy is also fully uniformed in our product.

Why do two academies that do not have a rival in the ballet education world chose Nikolay Grishko’s produt? Because we care. Because Mr. Grishko personally oversees all design and production of his factories. Our uniform collections are the absolute best in the world. All Italian materials, carefully chosen colors, matching skirts and full level system. The design of our garments is tested by the famed dancers of the Bolshoi, the quality control is impeccable, the choice is clear.

As you remember, Nikolay Grishko considers it his duty to invest in the development of ballet, and for many years he has supported not only ballet competitions, but also actively participates in the educational field, annually allocating scholarships to the 10 students of the Bolshoi Ballet Academy.

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