”Awards, medals and even state orders are just a consequence of you putting your heart and soul into your work, into your creation. Of course, I am proud of the awards especially from the state, which I have been honored with for many years of hard work. But the greatest joy for me, is to see my creations making their mark in the immortal history of dance. Seeing my products brining joy to dancers and audiences alike.” - Nikolay Grishko

Our President’s office is home to memories from the last 33 years of relationships, awards and honors of Nikolay Grishko’s work in the shoe and textile industry dedicated to dance.     

Among the most valuable personally for Mr. Grishko - titles and awards, presented to him by the government of the Russian Federation:     

State level awards:"Honored Professional of the Textile and shoe Industry of the Russian Federation" Awarded in 2006.The honorary title is awarded to highly professional workers of the textile and shoe industry for personal merits.     

"Esteemed Professional of textile and shoe industry of the Russian Federation” Awarded in 2018. The honorary title "Esteemed Worker of the Textile and Shoe Industry of the Russian Federation" is awarded, as a rule, not earlier than 20 years from the beginning of professional activity and if the person nominated for the award has industry awards of the federal government body or government bodies of the constituent entities Russian Federation.     

But most of all, Nikolay Grishko is proud of being named: "Leader of the Russian Economy - 2008". Presented only to 11 top Russian companies during the 2008 financial crisis. As these companies have increased production volumes and provided more jobs during the difficult times for the nation.      

 Just as in 2020 COVID19 crisis, Nikolay Grishko kept his factories open every day, putting his own personal finances on the line, creating more jobs.     

Our factories have increased production due to opening of new markets, increased demand on our products and manufacturing of medical grade masks and garments so needed by the Russian hospitals nationwide.    

The experience of such industrialist as Nikolay Grishko is priceless. As he takes part in meetings with the former Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev on the development of light industry in Russia and the employment of people with disabilities. As not many are aware, Nikolay Grishko’s factories employ over 15% of workers with disabilities, this number is among the highest in Russia.     

Nikolay Grishko did a lot to ensure the employment of Muscovites, therefore the mayor and members of the Moscow City Government visited the company's factories and repeatedly awarded Nikolay Grishko with diplomas and medals.     

Grishko company is located near historical center of Moscow, in the area Lefortovo, in the southeastern prefecture with population of 1.3 million people of the 20 million population of Moscow metro area. Certainly, creating a large number of workplaces and charity work of the company have been appreciated by the city.     

A special place in our archives is occupied by two awards - national award “Golden Spindle”, awarded by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Russia and the Fashion Academy for achievements in development light industry, as well as the “Golden Palm” that is considered Oscar in the fashion industry in Russia. This the highest award in 925 sterling silver with gilding weighing 801 grams Nikolay Grishko received it in 2019.

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