On October 5 2020, a bright event in the life of the Russian ballet took place in the beautiful 19th-century Zamyatin-Tretyakov mansion, now owned by the Russian cultural Foundation.

In the "Amur hall" with its magnificent historical architecture and meticulously restored decor, the Principal of the Vaganova arbor Nikolay Tsiskaridze @tsiskaridzenikolay presented a wonderful very limited edition of the book-album “An Ordinary goddess...Galina Ulanova", dedicated to Ballerina Assoluta and one of the brightest stars of the Russian ballet.     

Only the elite of the Russian culture was invited to this event, including the President of our company – Nikolay Grishko @grishkonikolay, to whom we give the floor:     

"At one time, I had the pleasure and great honor to be at several Galina Ulanova’s rehearsals with her outstanding artists, such as Nikolay Tsiskaridze, Nadezhda Gracheva, Andrey Uvarov. Just after one of these rehearsals, we had a long conversation with the great ballerina about Pointe shoes, and I will always remember her elegant, small foot for the rest of my life.     

The memories shared by the guests of the event, her students, artists of world ballet and some of the greatest teachers of our time were extremely interesting to me, because they spoke about a lesser – known facet of Ulanova's talent, talking about her as a great teacher and mentor. It was especially interesting to learn the small little-known details that were inherent in this great woman. It was possible, as they say in Russia, to "check the clock”, If the rehearsal was scheduled for 1pm, then exactly at 1pm the door of the rehearsal hall opened and Galina Ulanova walked into the studio. At any age, she was always elegantly dressed, with intricate small earrings in her ears, in style, and always in high-heeled shoes.     

An interesting detail – outside of her home and at work she always wore her long elegant gloves up to the elbow. In summer, they were Lacy, in the winter leather… Nikolai Tsiskaridze recalled how young artists admired the magical scene when Galina Ulanova slowly took off her famous gloves with incredible grace and poise.     

If the great Marina Semyonova, a classmate of Galina Ulanova at the Vaganova Ballet Academy, always splashed with energy and temperament, then Galina Ulanova Was always very calm, reserved, outwardly cold, and carefully hid her even the strongest emotions. The two were always called The Sun and Moon of the Bolshoi theater.     

Elena Ryabinkina, a famous star, and now also a great teacher, who danced the role of Odette – Odile at the Bolshoi theater at the age of 18, told a lot about her teacher. Ulanova was incomparable, stoic and regal.     

The book about Galina Ulanova was published in a limited edition, only 500 pieces, and is already a rarity.     

Mr. Tsiskaridze in his characteristic manner brilliantly coped with the role of the host of this meeting, his incredible temperament and artistry completely won the hearts of this very sophisticated audience.

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