1020 Moleskin Toe Pads

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Moleskin toe pads are the next generation of toe protection from Grishko!
Made of extra soft, suede-like fabric, they feel as gentle and thin as your own skin, but offer best toe care yet!

• the fuzzy, napped texture is snug and velvety to the touch, allows to minimize blisters and provides delicate care for your most sensitive areas
• extra thin, yet strong fabric structure relieves pressure on your toes while giving perfect contact with the floor
• extremely malleable, these toe pads can also be cut with scissors to better fit your feet - so you can have a perfectly customized product

Can dancing en pointe feel as snug as curling under a blanket next to a crackling fireplace? It can, if you give your toes the most gentle protection there is with Grishko extra-soft moleskin toe pads.