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Shoes for jazz

   Dancing is very popular all over the world among people of different ages and occupations. Some of them choose dancing as their hobby and a perfect way to spend spare time, to relax after work and to discover their personality. Some people choose dancing as their profession and do their best to achieve success. All of them need special equipment – dance shoes, clothes and accessories.


   High quality jazz shoes are necessary for those who do jazz modern, street dancing, rock’n’roll, and other dance styles. Their popularity is steadily growing. More and more people prefer these fiery and energetic dance styles. Such shoes are produced both for professional dancers and beginners. They have a lot of individual characteristics. For example, some of these shoes have a split sole when the heel and toe areas are separate. It makes our shoes more flexible and gives more freedom to dancers.


   The Grishko Company is a leader in the world of dance products. We are pleased to offer you shoes, wear and accessories for all types of dance including jazz shoes.


   Grishko shoes for jazz provide a high comfort level. We conduct scientific experiments improving our production. Our shoes pass strict quality control. The Grishko range includes jazz low shoes for men and women, children’s jazz shoes and also sole protection. You have a wide range to choose from in any model; black, white, grey, bronze or flesh colour.


    Grishko jazz shoes are made of breathable high quality materials: natural leather and canvas. They are very comfortable which is important while dancing. We guarantee the best price and quality ratio. You can buy jazz shoes by Grishko at a reasonable price choosing from a variety of our models.


    We believe in your success and try to create shoes that will help you to achieve excellent results. This is our main mission, for you to be able to enjoy dancing wearing our shoes. Just choose your favorite model in the preferred size and colour. Visit our online shop or stores located in more than 70 countries worldwide.


    Grishko pointe shoes the shoes that are chosen by professionals.